Scott Spencer’s – Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated operates within four unique and highly specialized areas of the ballooning industry. 

The first area is our primary day-to-day business. Ownership, operation and basic maintenance of corporate aircraft (round and special shape) hot air balloons that carry brand specific signage or graphics for the customers we represent. Our primary customers include Coca-Cola and the Walt Disney Company. We also conduct modest operations for several regional companies based in the Idaho.

Our second area of operations calls for us to produce and execute exciting, often “one off”, high visibility ballooning promotions for our clients. These unique operations are a true specialty for us and one we deeply enjoy. The creation of unique, often difficult to execute, high profile flight operations for our clients is     the most rewarding of our business challenges.  

Two examples of our specialty work and the best known of our special events are the Coca-Cola Countdown to 2000, Millennium Celebration, which was viewed live on network television by over 175,000,000 households in the United States.  The Disney “Grand Canyon” flight, which was launched from the floor of Grand Canyon West, was covered by television and print media around the planet.

The third is our Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated and (more specifically) Scott & Laurie Spencer produced, hosted and executed “Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic” (and) “WallaWalla Balloon Stampede” balloon festivals.

These Spencer produced balloon rally’s are repeat, international award winners (Boise Balloon Classic) and are the absolute pride of the Spencer’s business portfolio.

Finally, and on an exceptionally limited basis, Laurie do offer a few (very few) balloon flights to the general public each year as “Spencer Air” (usually less than ten couples per year).With regard to corporate operations, you may wonder what exactly we do at
Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated ?

As you might imagine, our mission requirements vary from client to client as much so as the product or services each of them offer their customers. 

We provide the following important services to our clients as they operate their basic business plans: 

  • We enhance public image.
  • We represent our clients at local, national and community events, establishing a “community involved” presence.
  • We are the “Aerial Ambassadors” of our clients companies.
  • We entertain special V.I.P.’s, building brand loyalty for our clients.
  • We “drive” exciting promotions creating incremental sales for our clients.
  • We are the natural choice for “Account Specific Marketing”, building “Brand Equity” with our clients’ customers and V.I.P.’s as well as consumers at each and every appearance.

In short, we are the go to team, the “Aerial Ambassadors” for our client’s brand and image as viewed by their customers, consumers or the general public. We provide exposure for the company’s products and in some cases, even the characters of each of the clients we represent, and we do so in a unique and special way.
Our job is your “Brand” and its promotion, growth and equity !

Each and every operation executed for our customers is usually as unique as our customers themselves are. Our operations can be simple and quite routine or as challenging and exciting to be a part of as anything you might imagine. Here are a few examples :

You might expect to see us as part of the celebration of a milestone
or other unique promotional opportunity, anyplace where a
crowd might gather …

Coca-Cola Balloon during the Olympic Torch Relay

You would certainly expect to see us at an elementary school making a balloon
appearance and sharing a positive message with children …

Scott Spencer pilots a Tony Balloon at a school visit in New Mexico

Seeing us while off-continent, at a large international balloon rally in front of
tens of thousand of fans wouldn’t be hard to imagine either,
its “just another day in our office” …

 Laurie Spencer inflates a Disney hot air balloon in León, Mexico

I think you can see that our promotional productions and basic operations
on behalf of our clients is only limited by our imagination. 
(imagination is a commodity we’re well supplied with)

We’re versatile in our approach and execution and able to operate comfortably
on either a local level or a global stage when asked to do so.

I hope you’ll give us an opportunity to produce a promotion for your company.

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